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Choosing Programs:

Ripples Foundation Cultural Immersion Internships are interdisciplinary experiences available to undergraduate and graduate degree students. We encourage students from different majors to participate in our internship programs. Ripples considers your individual educational level and experience in working with you to tailor experiences that are educational and impactful for both the community members within which you serve and you.


In addition to facilitating internships for individual participants, Ripples has customized programs for Faculties to fit Course requirements. University faculties are welcomed to contact us to discuss their requirements.  Ripples has academic partnerships with Olin Business School’s CEL Program and Brown School at Washington University, St Louis.

Healthcare/Public Health Programs

Ripples Medical Outreach/ Research: A major barrier to women in business is the deferment of work to care for their families due to the lack of access to healthcare services.  Through the Ripples Medical Outreach Program, interns will be able to serve in various positions facilitate the improvement of access to quality health care services. These positions include but are not limited to healthcare delivery, evaluation research, quality improvement, and project implementations.

Community Health Research

Public Health in Rural and Urban Ghana

Women and Child Health

Community-based Care

Business Modeling


Photography + Videography


Farm Dams

Farm Irrigation Systems

Visa and vaccination requirements

In addition, citizens from all countries are also eligible for our programs should contact your home country’s embassy/consulate for travel advisory and visa requirements.



Interns are responsible for obtaining their individual health insurance.

How to Apply

Apply by using the application portal.  Fill the application forms completely.

Apply Here


60-90 Days before desired travel date

To keep costs low, applications should be completed 90 days (3 months) before and no later than 60 days (2 months) before the desired travel date.

Late Application 45 Days before desired travel date

However, applications received 45 days (6 weeks) before the desired travel date are considered late will be considered on a case by case basis.

Late applicants should contact us via email at before submitting their applications.

Payment Schedule

Beginning with your application for acceptance into our program and preparing for your program, payments should be submitted according to the following schedule.

  • $30 application fee required for your application to be reviewed and processed. This fee is in addition to the program fee.
  • $350 deposit payment (deducted from program fee) due 30 days after the official date of acceptance.
  • The remainder of the program fee is due 45 days prior to the designated arrival date as listed on the website for your program month. This means that if you have an alternate arrival date for any given month, you will still be responsible for paying by the same deadline as those starting on the regular date for that month. You are welcome to submit as many payments as necessary leading up to this deadline if the program fee is paid in full on or before the deadline.
Application Acceptance

After submitting your application, please allow between 7 to 14 days to receive your acceptance email from us.

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